Fantasy Land

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As hormonal teens, our fantasies were a tad sexier, either when we swooned over Fabian or Elizabeth Taylor or some pinup star who made our pulses pound harder, wondering what it would be like to be with them. But now that we're all adults we are, aren't we? In the recent AARP Sex, Romance, and Relationships surveywe found out that 25 percent of you have sexy thoughts or erotic dreams at least once a day, with 16 percent having them more than once a day. Men are more than five times as likely as women to say they have such thoughts. For example, 45 percent of men and just 8 percent of women say they have erotic thoughts once or more each day. Many sex researchers have noted the fantasy gap and wondered why it exists.

You're feeling great. You're enjoying sex, a minute ago as you always do: the confidence, the give and take, the ardour. But now you'd like to administer the coup de grace — and it ain't happenin'. You step up the rhythm. What's available on? You spent your 20s trying not toand now … you can't. Don't worry. You're not alone. A load of guys 50 and older be subject to difficulty with orgasm and ejaculationsays Dr.