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Awful, Awful, Awful, Awful!!!! Movies that can make us feel young and transport us to places where our imaginations can take flight. Then there are travesties, calamities outright catastrophes catapulting our imaginations into absolute train wrecks. I had a rough outline of what I was going to discuss for my first helping of Perry. I was going to go into a half-serious discussion on the plight of African-American movie makers and the unfair criticisms lobbed at Tyler Perry and his brand of comedy. Perhaps I could have made a few poignant remarks on the positive representation of African-American family life portrayed in his films and the underlying morality that permeates all of Perry's big-screen efforts

At this juncture, Tash Bell reports on the additional etiquette of separation: who to ago, what to say and why you should never feel smug Mid-life was once a time to sit ago and smell the roses. OK, you probably smelled your partner's socks, also, but that was the price you paid for security. Not any more: the mid-life marriage meltdown is arrange the rise. Jennifer Garner 43 after that Ben Affleck 42 have fallen butt after 10 years, two daughters after that a son together. Supermodel Heidi Klum 42 and the singer Seal 52 , who used to renew their wedding vows at a lavish yearly bash, divorced last October after totting up nine years and four children together. And last week it was revealed that singer Gwen Stefani 45 and her musician husband Gavin Rossdale 49 , who have three children together, had filed for divorce. Accepted celebrity shenanigans, you might think - but are these high profile casualties merely a symptom of what's episode to us lesser mortals?