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Abstract The study sought to explore sugar mommy practices regarding their occurrence, acceptability as well as perceived reasons why older women and younger men enter into sugar mommy relationships. The data were thematically analyzed. The study found that sugar mommy practices were prevalent in South Africa. The perceived reasons for acceptability were: love, survival, and correctness. Perceived reasons why older women have sexual relationships with younger men included: sexual fulfilment, domination, reduction of stress, physical attraction, procreation, lack of self-control, youthful feeling, migrancy, difficulty in finding partners of compatible age and young men being seen as not demanding. Perceived reasons why younger men have sexual relationships with older women included: material gain, reduction of stress, being enticed, rejection by women of compatible age, peer influence and belief that older women are purer. These terms have mainly been portrayed as involving sexual relationships between younger females and older men, commonly referred to as sugar daddies.

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Administrator Definition Before going any further, we should probably start with outlining can you repeat that? a sugar momma is. Often these women can be mistaken for cougars, but the truth is that these two things are entirely different. A sugar momma is looking to barter financial support for sex and camaraderie. But the truth is that cougars and sugar mommas are alike barely in that they tend to be older women going after younger men. Often times, sugar mommas hold actual positions of power in their area of work, and getting an classified look into these types of situations can be a great identifier. Arrest a cup of quarters, and achieve the women with the best-looking affair suit. Auctions — Another great approach for wealthy folks to spend their money is at charity auctions.