What's the Psychology Behind Mommy Issues?

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Your heart was set on having a girl or a boybut genetics decided otherwise. It's perfectly normal to feel disappointed. Here's what to expect if you're currently suffering from gender-reveal blues. Right around your week appointment, people will inevitably ask, Are you hoping for a boy or a girl? Then the ultrasound reveals the results, and you pretend to be thrilled even though you're heartbroken. Katherine hoped her second child would be a girl, but instead she had another boy. Before getting pregnant for the third time, she tried tactics found online to help her conceive a girl— eating yogurt to change her pH balance, taking hot baths with her husband to alter his sperm, etc.

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Dating is If you're moving on afterwards a divorce , or you've been single but you're back on the apps for the first time all the rage awhile, this emotional roller coaster absolutely includes some extra twists and turns when you're a mom. Here's can you repeat that? to know about dating as a single mom, according to women who've done it—and a few things a big cheese who has started seeing a definite mom and wants to impress her should keep in mind. Dating—and the possibility of rejection that comes along with it—can test even those with firm self-esteem. So before you post a profile or say yes to so as to coffee date , wait until you're sure you're strong enough to alias the setbacks, the ghosting, and erstwhile potentially bad behavior out there, says Lucy Good, founder of Beanstalk , an online community for single mothers. This is especially important when you've recently made a major transition, such as a divorce or a adult move.

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