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ThoughtCo Team Updated March 11, We love the beautiful accent that the French have when they speak English, and it can be fun or even useful to imitate it. French-infused Vowels Nearly every English vowel is affected by the French accent. French has no diphthongs, so vowels are always shorter than their English counterparts. The long A, O, and U sounds in English, as in say, so, and Sue, are pronounced by French speakers like their similar but un-diphthonged French equivalents, as in the French words sais, seau, and sou. For example, English speakers pronounce say as [seI], with a diphthong made up of a long a sound followed by a sort of y sound. But French speakers will say [se] - no diphthong, no y sound. Note that [xxx] indicates IPA spelling. For reminder, native English speakers tend toward r'mind'r, but French speakers say ree-ma-een-dair.

Around are many reasons, but the two most common are: 1 The parents speak different languages say, an American woman and a Turkish man. All the rage the first case, both the care for and father may want to be able to use their own dialect when talking to their children. This is the bilingual home situation. All the rage the second, the parents may absence to be able to use their own language at home even all the same their children also need to act in the world outside the abut door. This is the bilingual backdrop situation. Don't children get confused after they hear two languages spoken about them? The short answer is denial. Children are incredibly sensitive to the different ways people speak.

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