Tornado Survivor Stories

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For more general information, please visit our About OCD section. It could be a jogger, a pedestrian, someone on a bike, or even an animal. I have to stop to get out and check for whoever it was I hit, or else I have to drive around the block twenty times. I listen to the news and read the paper every day to see if there were any accidents near where I was with my car. If I hear a siren or see a cop car or an ambulance, I think they are going to the spot where I killed someone. There are many varieties of OCD. People have even given nicknames to some of them. Would I see it? Would I hear it or feel it?

But you survived a tornado or appreciate someone who did, share your account and help save lives. Please Acquaintance Us. PLEASE note that we allow permission to print your story online and let us know the city and state and the month after that year of the event. My mamaw and great grandmother were both horrified of storms, probably an undiagnosed argument of lilapsophobia or astraphobia. For me, the sound of the nuclear bury sirens being used as tornado sirens was the scariest. Anyway, I began to study and learn as a good deal about severe weather as I could. In the 8th grade, a cyclone hit our small town and killed one man.

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