NetLingo: Every Texting Abbreviation & Online Acronym You'll Ever Need to Know

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Spanish Text Abbreviations Text abbreviations started to become popular with the upsurge of texting as one of the most useful communication channels. By the time they were developing, SMS had already proved to be a fast and convenient communication channel. Thus, abbreviations were only complementing the advantages of text messages. As much as SMS is one of the best communication channels, it has always had one major drawback. Each text message is limited to only characters at most, which, if exceeded, counts as two messages and is charged additionally. Text abbreviations solve this problem by cutting down some characters and giving room for more words. The tendency of using shorter form of words, phrases or sentences was carried away from text messages to social media communication apps. Although those apps are free to use and have no character limit, text abbreviations still remain popular with them.

Slag belongs to the generation that coined it. So once a year we do our best to decipher a few of the more common terms you may hear or see your kids use. It changes from city en route for city and culture to culture. Terms and meanings may vary.

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