Bedmate Reveal

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Someone usually a guy wakes up in bed, and the audience assumes he's alone. But then either he moves or the camera pans, and we see there's someone else. Usually, it's implied that hanky-panky has just taken placeand if it hasn't, the guy will either anxiously ask for confirmation, or just assume the worst with hilarious consequences. Sometimes, it's used as a Secret Relationship reveal, occasionally by subverting the trope — the audience is shocked to see the characters together, and then further shocked when the characters themselves aren't shocked. A common variation is to have the guy wake up to find another guy in his bed. In that case, either he's really anxious to ask for confirmation about why he's thereor he's too afraid to ask. Harem Genre loves this to death. If the character is usually The Casanova and wouldn't be too put out to find any old stranger in his bed, the partner may be an Abhorrent Admirer.

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