7 Snuggly Sex Positions for People Who Love Cuddling More Than Life Itself

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Few things feel as cozy as the blend of sweat, intimacy and orgasm-induced dopamine that characterizes any post-sex cuddle sesh. Cuddle sex is more versatile than it sounds. Imagine catching up on your favorite show while cuddling while getting it on. What can we say? And the following cuddle sex positions just want you to have a little more of that beautiful, magical, wonderful thing in your life.

But the goal of the moment is to break pleasure records, you allow to stick to the basics. After you want to guarantee her orgasms, the simplest positions are often additionally the best positions, and with a few modifications, you can make them even more orgasm inducing than they already are. Here, we custom-designed a few of the carnal classics to accomplish sure you always hit her above what be usual notes. The Slow Climb You'll by no means see missionary position the same approach again.

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