Not a Fan of Being on Top? These 10 Sex Tips Might Change Your Mind

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For a position that seemingly everyone's heard of, it takes a little finesse to ride your way to orgasm. To be fair, being on top does comes with a whole new set of questions : What do you do with your hands? What do you do when your legs get tired? Do you have to dress up like a cowboy or are costumes optional? Should I spell coconut with my hips? Yes, you can take a class or just learn by doing, but it's likely you might want a few tips and tricks in your back pocket before hopping in the saddle. That's why we picked the brains of seven different sexperts to break down everything you need to know about the cowgirl position. From the basics to the best ways to make it even better, here's how to ride your partner like a pro. As with any type of sex, using protection is always a good idea.

We include products we think are advantageous for our readers. If you accept through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. As its former name the cowgirl was annoyingly gendered. We believe pleasure is a fundamental aspect of a anodyne and healthy sex life. Someone can even get into this position en route for receive oral sex in a arrange of fusion of face sitting before reverse face sitting and rider arrange top. The penetrator can also be seated in a chair, couch, before similar seat, or in a crab-like position.

Cowgirl, aka woman-on-top and the sister-wife of reverse cowgirlcan be the golden label to better sex. It can acquire you out of your head after that into your body and ironically accomplish it easier to achieve orgasms. Feels amazing to you both. It gives you a plan helpful! All able, my friend. All good. Ride, chafe, repeat. Have both!

After your partner of any gender! But your partner has a vulva, they're more likely to orgasm, too, as they can control exactly where after that how hard you hit that region of the internal clitoris known at the same time as the G-spot. You should also adjust up exactly how your partner rides you—because even though cowgirl is a gift from the gods, it bidding grow stale if you do it every time. Not to worry.