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The author, Leon Uris, describes a utopia of brave young pioneers in khaki shorts, farming when possible and fighting when necessary, quoting Bible verses as they hook up in ancient ruins, and so forth. The male lead, Ari Ben Canaan, is a blond frontiersman, tough yet sensitive, who knows his way around good cognac, the foxtrot, and an automatic rifle. That seems, in fact, like the point of the book. Many of the rest were survivors of the Holocaust trying to hack out a living without losing what was left of their mind.

Authorize me up for the latest gossip from Penguin Teen, including new books, special offers, and promotions. Please come in a valid 5 digit zip cipher. You need to read another. After that another. So we decided to allocate the love and round up 17 reads that will get YOU addicted on historical fiction. Welcome to the dark side. If she can assist the daughter of a key scientist, she might be able to appropriate the blueprints to a bomb so as to could destroy the cities of Western Europe. This debut take historical creative writing and makes it more thrilling than ever!

Dec 08, Katie rated it liked it 3. Wow - This is I think the first time I've consume into a book knowing that the protagonist is dead. This wasn't can you repeat that? I anticipated and is really add of a character study, and I'm glad that the murder was not shown in any way. Guess can you repeat that? happens to Julia at the aim of this story? She feels marginalised as a woman when pitching stories to her editor in a male-dominated newsroom. She goes dancing. The adorable boy she likes asks her absent and they do it. She has irritating sisters. After reading Three Twisted Stories which were fast paced, artistic short stories, reading Blonde Hair, Azure Eyes was like reading a absolutely different writer.

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