PFLAG National Glossary of Terms

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If your package needs some system-dependent configuration before installation you can include an executable Bourne 26 shell script configure in your package which if present is executed by R CMD INSTALL before any other action is performed. This can be a script created by the Autoconf mechanism, but may also be a script written by yourself. Use this to detect if any nonstandard libraries are present such that corresponding code in the package can be disabled at install time rather than giving error messages when the package is compiled or used. To summarize, the full power of Autoconf is available for your extension package including variable substitution, searching for libraries, etc.

Allies Updated January The power of dialect to shape our perceptions of erstwhile people is immense. Precise use of terms in regards to gender after that sexual orientation can have a big impact on demystifying many of the misperceptions associated with these concepts. But, the vocabulary of both continues en route for evolve, and there is not collective agreement about the definitions of a lot of terms. A good best practice is to ask people what the words they use to describe themselves aim for them and how they would like you to use language after talking with or about them. Be sensitive when discussing some of these terms, as these words describe delicate experiences which should not be broached lightly.

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