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The program fees are covered by OHIP and service are available between the hours of 9am-5pm. We do not provide crisis services or long-term therapy. The Trauma Therapy Program is composed of an interdisciplinary team of trauma therapists with backgrounds in psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, social work, and nursing. We are committed to promoting an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and can live their lives free from violence and all forms of discrimination. The Program follows a stage-based approach to healing from trauma as outlined by Judith Herman in her book Trauma and Recovery. Through a feminist anti-oppressive framework we work collaboratively to promote trauma-focused therapy while supporting the unique needs of individuals.

Are you or someone you know experiencing violence? There is help. Learn a propos the resources available to you, as well as helplines and shelters. Toronto: The multilingual Victim Support Line provides services to victims of crime across Ontario, in most languages spoken in the province. Victims of crime and their families have access to a ample range of services, including counselling, economic assistance and other supports.

You are ready to make a adjust and are in search of the right therapist to support you all the rage your journey. The right therapist after that the right approach are important elements in the success of your aid and achieving your goals. My appellation is Aisha and I Thank you for choosing to check out my page. I am happy you are here. I was born and grew up in the Caribbean, and immigrated to Canada during my adolescent years. Do you often feel overwhelmed along with feelings of anxiety? Through understanding, I offer an authentic and warm atmosphere for support and compassion.

Ancestor violence is any form of batter or neglect that a child before adult experiences from a family affiliate. Family violence can also come as of someone who they have an allude to relationship with. Hurting and controlling a big cheese who trusts and depends on them is an abuse of power. Batter has many warning signs. If you see these warning signs in your relationship, or with others, it is time to get help. Abuse be able to start or get worse in pregnancy. Having a safety plan is actual important. You need to protect by hand and the safety of any children involved. Making a safety plan agency deciding what you will do but you are experiencing abuse, whether you choose to remain at home before leave.