Single Moms vs. Single Dads: Examining the Double Standards of Single Parenthood

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Definite moms versus single dads Credit: Civility of Christine Michel Carter, Daniel Ortega We know all too well so as to while raising a child in a two-parent household is tough, raising a child solo is a whole altered ballgame. And it's one that add and more parents are having en route for take on. In the United States, the most recent census data bring into being that while most sole-parent families along with kids under 18 are overseen as a result of a mother 8. While many studies on single parenthood focus on the health and wellbeing of single mothers, there is not much data absent there to look to on definite fathers. The OECD report defines definite parents as people living with by least one biological or adopted adolescent and includes those who may allow been divorced, separated, widowed, single, by no means married, or not living with a partner.