Fears for tears: why do we tell boys not to cry?

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Prader-Willi syndrome can cause a wide range of symptoms, and affect your child's physical, psychological and behavioural development. Floppiness Floppiness caused by weak muscles is usually noticed shortly after birth. The medical name for this is hypotonia. Hypotonia can mean your baby: does not have a full range of movement has a weak cry has poor reflexes cannot suck properly, which means they may have feeding difficulties and be underweight until the age of 1, and may need to be fed with a feeding tube see managing Prader-Willi syndrome Poor sexual development Baby boys may have an abnormally small penis, and one or both testicles may still be inside their abdomen undescended testicles. Baby girls will also have underdeveloped genitalia.

But we tell boys not to bawl, they may begin to suppress, avert or shut down these emotions. As of a young age, they are encouraged down this route by a background and environment which cheers a laddish and overtly masculine mind frame. Although the male gender stereotype sticks a label on to boys that be able to stifle their emotional development. We about the adage is long gone, although traces are left of a bewildering toxic masculinity that negatively affects our youth. Where is it written arrange our skin and bones that cry, showing emotion, is a strictly female concept?

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