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Probably a lot. But why are adults so hung up on hand washing? Why are they so in love with lather? Washing your hands is the best way to stop germs from spreading. Think about all of the things that you touched today — from the telephone to the toilet. Maybe you blew your nose in a tissue and then went outside to dig around the dirt.

These days, however, paper reading material all the rage the john is probably pretty in short supply. A survey from wireless carrier Verizon shows that 9 out of 10 people bring their smartphone with them to the bathroom. Just think, how many times have you brought your phone into the bathroom? Multiple times per day? Prolonged sitting, which be able to happen if you get very captivate in your smartphone, can up your risk of hemorrhoids. Colorectal surgeon Dr. Rather, sitting on the toilet [whether you are reading or just meeting there] for a prolonged period of time can definitely lead to hemorrhoid problems. The key takeaway here is sitting on the toilet for a prolonged period of time.

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